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Tile and grout cleaning is an art we came to master. We can make badly stained showers and floors come to life with our incredible deep cleaning process. What are you waiting for? Send us the images of your stained surface now and receive your free estimate today.

Tile Cleaning atlanta

The future of tile and grout
cleaning is here.

You strive for that sanitized floor and shower, and we achieve this with our patented tile and grout cleaning process in Atlanta. Bringing the unsighted tile surface to that mirror lush finish is just second nature to our artists. And it's just the beginning. Once they clean your tile and grout, you will find an astonishing cleanliness at every glance of your surface.
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Tile Cleaning atlanta
clean ceramic tile and grout

Cleaning ceramic
tile and grout.

Notice in the picture, how clean and sanitized the ceramic tile and grout are after they are cleaned by our highly trained artists. Not only do we clean the surface, we also prep and sanitize it with a deep penetrating cleaner designed by pFOkUS.
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stone and grout cleaning atlanta

Natural stone tile
and grout cleaning.

Cleaning natural stone tile, such as marble, travertine and slate, especially in showers can be tricky as they are the extreme places with all the humidity. Soap, scum, mold and mildew continuously attack the stone and make it look worse. We eliminate soap scum using Imperia, while we apply H2O2 to kill the deep mold & mildew. We also use Imperia to clean natural stone floors releasing all the stains.
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stone and grout cleaning atlanta
cleaning and sealing the grout

After tile cleaning,
sealing the grout.

Grout is just like sand on the beach, retaining moisture or all liquids, even the dirty mop water, staining the entire surface. Sometimes just cleaning tile is not enough to eliminate all mold and stains from grout, which is not a problem for us since we protect all the grout lines with Caponi. It's a two part pigmented titanium resin grout sealer, penetrating into the surface to lock out all the stains with a 5 year labor warranty.
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Not just cleaning natural stone,
Preserving its look.

No matter how clean your stone floor and shower are, they will look unpleasant in a short order if not sealed with the correct sealer. pFOkUS has designed two powerful stone sealers, Repela-Bond - an invisible clear resin water based sealer, and Celine - a clear topical solvent based sealer. These products not just coat the top of the surface, they seep deep into stone creating a hydrophobic surface to prevent it from allowing the passage of moisture or liquids. Repela-Bond doesn't change the appearance of natural stone tile, while Celine adds a refined elegance to the surface.
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